Sales/Marketing VP

"Kris Girrell was hired as my Executive Coach to help me adjust and improve my interaction with my colleagues and co-workers in my role as VP of Sales and Marketing. the best part of my experience with Kris is that he had the depth of experience to be able to understand the context of my work with regard to my subordinates, peers and superiors while fully understanding the environment and role within the enterprise. He clearly demonstrated how my direct and driving communication style was being received within the organization, and that it was I that need to adjust to the organization while remaining both authentic to both who I am and the nature of my mission. His direct, caring and insightful approach has produced many positive results!"

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Global Leadership Development

"Stated simply, Kris knows his clients better than they know themselves, often before he meets them! He does his homework and is always fully prepared. I have partnered with Mr. Girrell in every possible capacity over the past 15+ years - from mentor, to colleague, to unshakable vendor, and on some of the most challenging coaching assignments one could ever assume. His demeanor is passionate, empathetic and real and yet he demands that his clients face the hidden demons hindering their workplace success. The combination of Kris' unprecedented expertise, caring personal style and willingness to do "whatever it takes" inspires breakthrough successes from mid career to CEO level. Kris is truly a guru."

President, CEO

"When I sought Kris' guidance, I was frustrated with a lot of aspects of my business,  personal progress, my ability to motivate others and specific employee challenges that took up an unhealthy portion of my brain space. Working with Kris has helped me better understand my role in so many of my past and current frustrations as well as understand the criticality of selecting team members that aligned with my vision and values. Through our work, I was able to authentically address issues that were not serving us well, confidently embrace my values, reflect on what got me to my current success and decide what path I would take on my new journey as a mentor and leader. I never questioned Kris' credentials but I was apprehensive about the kind of results I would get for my investment. Kris' approach and results-oriented style delivers short-term and lasting value that affirms investing in yourself (and your leadership) as one of the best moves you can make."

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Consulting SVP

"Kris is among the pantheon of great coaches. He provides perspective and insights in ways that few can. His relationship and rapport-building is superior! And I always feel that I  learn whenever I interact with him."


General Manager, Production

"I did not have any expectations on what coaching sessions would entail prior to starting with Kris; however I was not expecting to be as valuable as it was.  Previous coaching from leaders before focused more on specific work problems, and not necessarily on the overall larger development trends. With Kris I had a clear intention and a path to get there. I feel that the most valuable part of the coaching session was interpretation of the 360 results, and utilizing that to determine the higher level areas of improvement for my professional career.  By taking these results and turning them into larger goals/actions, it has helped significantly for me to both prioritize where I focus my energy on development, and to take a moment before I interact with others to ensure I am considering my goals.  I have also recently took on a new leadership position within the organization to better apply what I had been working on during our coaching sessions. Since my coaching, there has been an increase in my overall leadership maturity (I have received feedback to that effect) and I have used many  of the change management and peer to peer communication skills we practiced."