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Committed to "rehumanizing" the workplace

Digitization Demands More


Business isn't just changing, we are at an inflection point, and the forces that shaped the digital generation of employees are the same forces that are drastically altering the new landscape of business. These changes are demanding that leaders produce even more with less - less time, less expense and less people. Reducing the stress while meeting the challenges of the digital world is our mission and passion.

Go Above and Beyond


We recognize the uniqueness of your company, your people and your personal leadership style. We realize that you have a lot going well already and seek to add to and enhance that success. With a combination of the proven tools of the trade and an understanding of the heart and soul of your business and people, we design a plan, streamline processes, develop talent and help you execute it all while monitoring and measuring your progress.  Ask us how it works.

Get Inside with Innerworks



What's working and what's not? How do you "show up" versus how you need to be?


Get in-depth presentations and training on subjects that make a difference and move the markers of performance.


We know that leaders don't work in a vacuum and that changes you make will effect people down and across the organization.

About Us


Our Experience

With over 35 years of professional coaching and consulting, Innerworks Consultants bring a wealth of experience and proven techniques to each engagement - from years of coaching and consulting to the latest in Emotional Intelligence. We craft specific responses to your challenges and work as partners in producing greater output, improved efficiency and overall effectiveness from the top of the house through individual contributors. In particular some of Kris' background is evidenced by his publications. Check them out below.


Our Approach

Starting with a thorough assessment of either the team or the leader, we build individually tailored plans based on the top tier and complimentary skills to accelerate development and goal achievement. Whether building an executive development plan or a team experience, our approach is to create programs that look and feel like they are a part of and belong in your company.


Why Us?

Stress in the number one ailment of most companies and their employees. And no one feels that more than the leaders in those firms. Our goal is to overcome that dehumanizing stress through new innovations in Emotional Intelligence, in competency modeling and behavioral coaching and in teaching people how to learn quickly from their failures and engage more readily in powerful risk-taking and creativity. By rehumanizing the work, we unleash the full potential of you and your teams to achieve the desired outcomes for you and your clients.

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