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Yuka Ghesquiere Nakasone

A passion for languages and foreign cultures, a love for technology and an insatiable curiosity have made Yuka top a localization specialist. Based in Barcelona, she brings over 20 years of international experience to her clients. She has collaborated in all layers of the industry: buyer side, multi-language and single language vendors, freelancing and many varied verticals.  Yuka will be presenting with me at GALA 2019 and the 2019 TICE conference.

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Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene is a master certified coach who has distinguished herself in her profession and the community. Based in San Antonio, her client list reads like a Who’s Who of successful businesses locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Barbara is a leader, mentor and accomplished speaker and recent contributor to the US/China Symposium.

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Amy Bladen Shatto, PhD

Amy Bladen Shatto is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist with over 20 years of subject matter expertise. While Dr. Bladen is a full time executive and Global Director of Leadership Development at a major IT consulting firm, she finds time to partner in developing new ideas and publishing insightful articles in trade magazines. 

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Ron Streiker, PhD

One of the true originals in the world of coaching and leadership development, Ron is Principal at The Streiker Group (Atlanta GA) and brings his creative insights and over 30 years of leadership to each engagement. He is a seasoned professional who has directed human resources as well as talent management and executive coaching practices domestically and internationally. 

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Ruth Rooney

Ruth Rooney is President of Execudome Coaching & Training Company and the founder of Heartitude Works. Her focus is partnering with individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize human potential and productivity. Her expertise is derived from more than 20 years of experience in Organizational Development leadership. Her book Heartitude Works is available on Amazon.

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Kathleen Ranahan

Kathleen’s expertise is derived from 20+ years of Business Operations, Sales / Marketing and Human Resources background, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Her knowledge base encompasses Business and Organizational Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Recruitment and the proven ability to assist with the growth and development of individuals or corporations.

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