Executive Leadership Coaching

Coaching involves a combination of face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, and the execution of action plans that move the executive beyond his/her current operating state. In addition to the standard assessments, this often includes much of what we call the "inner work" of clarifying personal commitments and beliefs that drive a person's behaviors and accelerate learning and development. 

Emotional Intelligence

A lot has changed since the term Emotional Intelligence was first coined. We know far more about how the brain works and how emotions are created. We understand how important culture and language is in shaping meaning and motivation. Leveraging all of this in a meaningful way for your leadership team has become a top specialty of Innerworks Consulting and we'd like to show you how. We call it "rehumanizing" work!

Team/System Integration

None of this happens in a vacuum, so it is often a part of our engagement to include some work with the team our client is leading. Team can mean both the team on which s/he is a member or the team that reports to our client. Client companies can engage us for TEAM/SYSTEM INTEGRATION work only or as part of the work performed for the senior executive .

Organizational Effectiveness

We consider all work to be a part of a larger integrated system and often are asked to assess and work with the department, division or the organization as a whole in creating greater overall effectiveness. 

Organizational Learning & Development


As industry experts, Innerworks Consulting can assist your firm in creating succession plans, competency-based talent management as well as short-term, high impact training events.