360 Degree Surveys

Three-sixty tools have been around since the early 90's and provide a wealth of data for leaders and teams. The software of a 360 combines the ratings of peers, bosses, direct reports customers and others  and compares them with one's self rating. We use and are certified on a great number of 360-degree instruments like Bencharks (from CCL), Profilor (Assessments International), VOICES (KFI), LEA and ESCI.

Personal Styles

Often it is helpful to get an individual's self assessment on how s/he thinks and works. These make great partners to behavioral 360's or can stand alone as a starting point for coaching. Instruments we use include, the Harrison Assessment, Myers Briggs (Step II), Hogan, TKI, NEO, and numerous others.

Group and Team Assessments

Many instruments can be combined to create team types or team reports, but some instruments are specifically designed for teams. We use the TAS (Team Assessment - or Rocket Model), The Table Assessment from Lencioni. and others.

Emotional Intelligence

While Emotional Intelligence was introduced quite a few decades ago, it is becoming more important as we move into globalization and higher pressured environments. Some of the best instruments are designed as 360 (behavioral) tools like the Emotional Social Competence Inventory (ESCI), but of course there are the old standards like EQi (from Bar-On).